Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Sale Item #2

This post is no longer valid.  Please refer to Item Inventory or Order Form for your buying interests.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope all is well!
Congrats to the new owner of Item#1!  Use it well!

Without further ado, here is Item#2!
A vibrant earthy green, blue, and yellow mini purse with a nifty pocket and a twisty strap!  Good for holding makeup, money, phone, camera, or other small items!
Asking $5 donation (+1/2 of shipping) through Paypal or online banking
If you would like this item leave a comment here, or send an email to with the title of this post as the subject.  I will then send a confirmation email for all the necessary info for the exchange.
Thank you all for your support!