Wednesday, December 7, 2011

School and Color Guard Pride!

Since last year I've had the inclination to make end of the year presents for my color guard (flag line), the Arizona State University Sun Devil Color Guard.  Nearly 40 members!  So last year I made miniature versions of our Pitchfork flags (which we used during Pregame).  They went over really well.
This year I decided I had to do something different.  So I made little school pride festive drawstring purse-bag type things with a flag embroidered on one side and a pitchfork on the other.
I also got the privilege of going back and helping teach the color guard at my old high school during the Summer, so I decided to make them school pride flags as well (they were the same as the mini pitchfork flags, but yellow with no embroidery).
Here are a couple of the mini pitchfork flags and bags: